Love to cook, or need some special recipes for that "special event", a romantic evening at home, something quick for the kids, a special diet or lifestyle, or just want to try something different?  Check out some of these sites.  There are literally 100s of thousands of recipes here!!
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Recipes -

African Recipes 1 - African recipes from various countries.

African Recipes 2 - A collection of over 150 recipes from all over Africa.

African Recipes 3 - 3 dozen recipes from South Africa.

African Recipes 4 - Nice sampling of recipes from many countries in Africa. Algerian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Mauritian, Moroccan, Nigerian, Sudanese, Tanzanian recipes and others.

African Recipes 5 - Terrific resource for African recipes.  Over 300 links to African recipe sites and recipes from all over Africa.

All Recipes - Your home for great recipes, meal ideas & cooking advice.

Ancient Recipes - Large and interesting collection of recipes: Eastern & Western Islamic, English, Italian, French and Portuguese recipes, mostly from the 13th to the 15th centuries, with a few from the 10th and 17th centuries. Alphabetically arranged.

Asian Recipes - Massive collection of Asian recipes from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam.

Australian Recipes - Dishes from the land down under.
   (Need Kangaroo or Alligator meat?  Try
Seattle's Exotic Meats.)

Austrian Recipes - 40+ Austrian recipes from Sherie's Kitchen.

Back Of The Box - Recipes from, what else, the backs of boxes and cans of various packaged foods.  These are invariably quick to fix if you're strapped for time...and usually inexpensive too!!

BBQ Sauce - This site actually has much more than just BBQ sauces, 1000s of recipes in fact, but their "Home Page" doesn't go to this page and use the links at the bottom of the page to find soups, casseroles, crock-pot, "copy cat", and other recipes.

Better Homes & Gardens - Your favorite recipes as seen in BHG.

Betty Crocker - The American kitchen staple.

Cajun & Creole Recipes 1 - Got Peppers?

Cajun & Creole Recipes 2 - More hot recipes: Gumbos, soups & bisques. Poultry, seafood, meat & game.  Sauces, stocks & condiments...and much more.

Caribbean Recipes - Recipes from the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica & Trinidad.

Cheese Recipes - Recipes from the I Love Cheese web-site.

Chef 2 Chef - Culinary portal to over 17,000 recipe sites and over 280,000 recipes!

Chinese Recipes 1 - This site has "sample menus", so you can plan an entire meal with typical Chinese fare.

Chinese Recipes 2 - Nearly 900 Chinese recipes.

Chinese Recipes 3 - Dozens of Chinese favorites.

Chinese Recipes 4 - 5 dozen Chinese and other Asian recipes.

Chinese Recipes 5 - Many dozens of Chinese recipes including Kung Pao Chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Mongolian Beef, Hot & Sour Soup, Pot Stickers, Deep-Fried Tofu, and Egg Rolls. Low carb, low fat and vegetarian dishes.

Chinese Recipes 6 - Unusual Chinese recipes that you won't likely find on other sites, but may find in actual Hong Kong restaurants.

Chinese Recipes 7 - Chinese home-style recipes. Thoughtfully, the styles are listed: Sichuan, Mongolian, Kaifeng, Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, etc.

Clam Recipes - Over 200 clam recipes. - Humongous recipe search database. Appetizers, breads, cakes, candies, casseroles, desserts, holidays, international, main dishes, meats, poultry, and much more.

Copy Cat Recipes - Recipes for clones, or "copy cats", of America's favorite Brand-Name foods.

Crab Recipes - Over 800 crab recipes.

Crock Pot Recipes 1 - 1000s of crock pot recipes, including main course, appetizers, desserts & pastas.

Crock Pot Recipes 2 - Over 200 more slow cooker recipes.

Diabetic Recipes 1 - 800 diabetic & heart healthy recipes for those with Diabetes.

Diabetic Recipes 2 - More recipes for those living with diabetes.

Diabetic Recipes 3 - Nutrition & recipes from The American Diabetes Association.

Drinks - Dozens of fruit & vegetable drinks, all vegetarian, all low-fat or fat-free.

Egg Recipes - Egg recipes from the American Egg Board.

   Summer Fruits

Ethnic Recipes - A huge variety of recipes from around the world: Ancient Roman, Chinese, Greek, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai and more.

Fabulous Foods - 100s of recipes in various caregories.

Filipino Recipes 1 - 54 Filipino recipes from Recipe Source.

Filipino Recipes 2 - Massive collection of Filipino recipe websites. Adobo, pancit, eggrolls, vegetarian, and's all here.

Filipino Recipes 3 - Many popular recipes from the Philippines.

Filipino Recipes 4 - Filipino sauces, vegetable & main dishes, and desserts.

Filipino Recipes 5 - More variations on popular Filipino dishes.

Fondue Recipes 1 - Yes, it's making a come-back. Still have your fondue pot from the 70's??

Fondue Recipes 2 - Dozens more fondue recipes.

Food Nutrition - For food nutrition information, see the Health & Nutrition page.

Food TV - Recipes and more, as seen on the Food TV Network.

Free Cooking Recipes - Links to dozens of recipe sites, including Bar Drinks & Cocktails.

French Recipes 1 - 2 dozen+ recipes from Provence (Southern France). Bouillabasse, Seafood Provencal, more.

French Recipes 2 - Dozens of French recipes. Vichyssoise, Boeuf Bourguignon, Salade Nicoise, Blanquette de Veau, more.  French cooking tips & tools.

French Recipes 3 - Dozens more of French recipes including salads, fish, meat, main courses, vegetables, deserts and more.

German Recipes 1 - 3 dozen+ German recipes.  Potato pancakes, beer soup, warm potato salad, wienerschnitzel, sauerbraten, stollen, more.

German Recipes 2 - Over 800 German recipes.  Potato dumplings, beef spaetzle soup, liverwurst, lentil soup, Linzertorte, pfeffernuesse, and much more.

German Recipes 3 - Around 180 German recipes. Appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes, sauces, breads, desserts and cookies.

Greek Recipes 1 - Hundreds of Greek recipes.  Seafood, meat, poultry & game dishes.  Soups, salads & appetizers. Desserts.  More.

Greek Recipes 2 - 30 recipes. Dolmades, teropita, moussaka, baklava and more.

Grits Recipes - Dozens of grits recipes.  From

Gutsy Gourmet - Excellent collection of recipes spanning continents and cultures. Armenian, Italian, North African, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Bar-B-Q, Mexican, Diabetic and much more.  Wonderfully bizarre page heads.

Haitian Recipes - Caribbean cooking from Haiti.

Hamburger (Ground Beef) Recipes 1 - Hundreds of ground beef recipes in the categories of burgers, meat loafs, meat balls, casseroles, pasta dishes, pizzas, savory pies, chili, Tex-Mex, and more. From Cooks Recipes.

Hamburger (Ground Beef) Recipes 2 - Dozens of ground beef recipes.  All are quick-fix and many are microwavable. Sloppy Joes, tamale pie, meat loaf, Salisbury Steak, and more. From Nancy's Kitchen.

Hamburger (Ground Beef) Recipes 3 - Over 100 mostly crockpot ground beef recipes. Tamale pie, cabbage rolls, lasagne, Swedish meatballs, casseroles, meatloafs, and more. From


Hawaiian Recipes 1 - Hawaiian fare.  Tons of Pan-Asian recipes!

Hawaiian Recipes 2 - More recipes from the Islands.

Healthy Recipes - Healthy recipes from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  Better health starts with proper nutrition.

Hugs - Huge collection of recipes, and a nice site.  Worth a look. Has a little of everything.

Indian Recipes 1 - Punjabi (Northern), Gujarati (Western), East, South & Central Indian recipes, Jain (Strict vegetarian), Indian Holiday recipes and much more.  Vegetarian and with meat recipes.

Indian Recipes 2 - Large collection of Indian recipes: Soups, appetizers, chutneys, breads, rice dishes, veg & non-veg, egg dishes, raita, desserts and beverages. English-Hindi glossary.

Indian Recipes 3 - Low-fat vegetarian Indian recipes.

Indian Recipes 4 - Southern India recipes. Soups, curries, chutneys/pickles and more.

Indian Recipes 5 - Various Indian recipes with photos. Indian cooking tips. Glossary.

Indian Recipes 6 - Indian recipes listed by region or by major ingredients.

Indian Recipe Sites Links - Dozens of links to Indian recipe sites. Curry, regional, family, quick & easy, fat-free and vegetarian recipe sites.

Iranian (Persian) Recipes - 110 authentic recipes for tasty Iranian dishes.

Italian Recipes 1 - 3 dozen recipes.  Linguini Puttanesca, Fettuccini Alfredo, Chicken Cacciatore, Tiramisu, and more.

Italian Recipes 2 - 663 Italian recipes.  Calzones, aioli, focaccia, antipasto, zabaglione, cannoli, osso buco, and much more.

Italian Recipes 3 - Many dozens of great Italian recipes. Appetizers, pasta, rice, pizza, soups, meat & fish, egg recipes and more. From Cooking with Patty.

Italian Recipes 4 - This site has more unusual Italian recipes, such as fried sage leaves, pig's blood fritters, liver with sage, and stuffed rabbit.

Italian Recipes 5 - Over 3,200 recipes. Lasagna, spaghetti, biscotti, pesto, marinara, eggplant parmesan, manicotti, and much more.

Jamaican Recipes 1 - Jamaican recipes from Great Britain.

Jamaican Recipes 2 - 300 Jamaican recipes, including sauces, vegetarian dishes, and many "jerk" recipes. From Food Down Under.

Jamaican Recipes 3 - Dozens of Jamaican recipes: Appetizers, meat, chicken, fish pork, sauces, soups, vegetable, bread & cake, beverages, and traditional.  From

Japanese Recipes 1 - 122 Japanese recipes from Recipe Source.

Japanese Recipes 2 - Nice selection of Japanese home-style recipes.

Japanese Recipes 3 - Over 100 recipes in English, over 4,300 recipes if you can read Japanese.

Japanese Recipes 4 - Several dozen, mostly easy to prepare, healthy Japanese dishes.

Japanese Recipes 5 - Easy to cook Japanese recipes.

Jewish Recipes 1 - The Jewish Recipe Archive.  Hundreds of recipes for all occations.

Jewish Recipes 2 - Links to dozens of Jewish recipe sites.

Korean Recipes 1 - Korean recipes & cooking tips.

Korean Recipes 2 - Nearly 400 Korean recipes.  Bulgogi, kimchee, sauces & marinades, and more. From Food Down Under.

Korean Recipes 3 - About 150 Korean recipes from Korean Kitchen.

Kraft Foods - 1000s of recipes from the makers of everyone's favorite Mac & Cheese.

Kwanzaa Recipes - Special recipes for the Kwanzaa holiday.

Living & Raw Foods - Incredible selection of juices & smoothies, appetizers, breads, entrees, desserts and dressings & salsas.  Natural foods.

Low-Fat Recipes - Low-fat recipes, fitness & health tips and news.

Malaysian Recipes - Recipes from Malaysia:  Chili prawns, chicken satay, mee jawa, sambal udang and more.

Mediterranean Recipes - 70+ unique recipes from a unique part of the World.

Mexican Recipes 1 - 100s of Mexican recipes:  Appetizers, breads, burritos, desserts, enchiladas, fajitas, meat & seafood, salads, salsas, soups, tacos, traditional, and vegetarian. From All Recipes.

Mexican Recipes 2 - Dozens of low-fat vegetarian Mexican recipes from Fat Free.

Mexican Recipes 3 - Dozens of Mexican Recipes from Culinaria.

Mexican Recipes 4 - 43 Mexican recipes, including salsas and soups.

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Mexican and Tex-Mex Recipes - 52 recipes fron the International Vegetarian Union.

Mr. Food - As seen on TV.  Quick and easy recipes, and tips for "real" people.

MSN Recipes - Tremendous collection of recipes, including a lot of ethnic fare.

Native American Recipes 1 - Native American foods and recipes.

Native American Recipes 2 - From The Gutsy Gourmet.

Native American Recipes 3 - Frybread, wild rice, squash, and other recipes.

Native American Recipes 4 - Many blue corn recipes, plus breads, vegetables and several stew recipes.

Native American Recipes 5 - Good collection of links to sites with many Native American recipes.

Okra Recipes - 20 okra recipes from

Pasta Plus - Pasta, risotto & Italian appetizers, soups, breads, salads, main courses and desserts.

Pies 1 - Dozens of pie recipes including Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie, Boston Cream Pie, and many more. From Pastry Wiz.

Pies 2 - Several dozen sweet pie recipes including Eggnog Chiffon Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Shoo-Fly Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, and many other favorites. From CMU.

Pies 3 - !00s of pie recipes.  Blackberry Pie, Butterscotch Cream Pie, French Silk Pie, Green Tomato Pie, Molasses Pie, and many, many more.

Pies 4 - Dinner Pies, not sweet pies.  972 recipes!  Quiches of all varieties, Shepherd's Pies, Pot Pies. Meat pies, seafood pies, veggie pies, Mexican and Tex-Mex. Terrific collection.

Pies 5 - Low-fat vegetarian pies.  Apple Raisin Pie, Lemon Tofu Custard Pie, Minced Fruit Pie, Pumpkin Mousse Pie, and many others.  Novel crusts such as GrapeNuts Crust (several variations), Chocolate Crust (made with granola), and Rice Crust.

Recipe Source - 1000s of recipes by World Region: Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific, Europe, North & South America, and Non-regional.

Rice Recipes - Dozens of rice recipes from around the World: Eastern Europe & Russia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Africa, Mexico, the Middle East, Europe and the US. Rice Gourmet.

Salad Dressing 1 - Italian, French, Blue Cheese, Green Goddess, 1000 Island, and many others. Sauces too!

Salad Dressing 2 - 40+ various salad dressings.  DMOZ.

Sauce Recipes 1 - 1721 sauce recipes. Hollandaise, Marinara, Alfredo, White, Bechamel, Enchilada, Remoulade, BBQ, and many more.

Sauce Recipes 2 - Large selection of sauce recipes.

Sauce Recipes 3 - Barbeque, meat & seafood, vegetarian, pasta and dessert sauces.

Smoothie Recipes - 62 smoothie recipes.

Soul Food Cookbook - A collective cookbook of recipes from the Black/African-American, Jamaican and Caribbean cultures. Recipe category list is on top left side of page.

Soul Food Recipes - From The Gutsy Gourmet. Fried catfish, seafood gumbo, chitlins & maw, country fried okra, and much more.

Southern Cooking 1 -'s collection of Southern Cooking recipes. Pick from categories on left side of page.

Southern Cooking 2 - Large collection of Southern food recipes, including chitlins, jambalaya, file gumbo, soul food, crab cakes, and much more. Cajun, Creole & Soul Food.  From Chef Rick.

Soy Recipes - Recipes using soy products: Tofu, tempeh, texturized soy protein, soy flour, etc.  Not vegetarian recipes, may use meat products, eggs, cheese, etc.

Sushi Recipes - Recipes and how-to's on making sushi, Q&As and sushi savvy. From Sticky Rice.

Thai Recipes - 354 Thai recipes from Recipe Source.

Turkey Recipes - 500+ turkey recipes. From the US Turkey Federation.

Veg Source - Vegetarian Mega-Site. 10,000 recipes. Discussion boards, FAQs, veg science, and much more.  The mission of VegSource is to offer the most up-to-date health and diet information possible, and to encourage the many good reasons for a plant-based diet.  Home Page.

Vegan Chef - 100s of vegan recipes, many of which are raw, wheat-free, gluten-free, low-fat, and/or sugar-free.

Vegan Starter Pack - Nutrition information you need to know if you are going Vegan.  From Vegan Outreach.

Vegetarian Recipes 1 -'s Vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Recipes 2 - Web Value's Vegetarian recipes. Breads, muffins and waffles too!

Vegetarian Recipes 3 - Over 600 Vegetarian recipes from the Vegetarian Society.

Vegetarian Recipes 4 - 4,667 low-fat or no-fat Vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Recipes 5 - 100s more vegetarian recipes from the European Vegetarian Union. Soups, stews & curries, sandwiches, salads & salad dressings, dips, spaghetti, lasagna & pastas, casseroles, sauces, rice dishes, dinner & dessert pies, cakes, pudding, "ice cream" & other desserts, chili, gumbo, jambalaya, Mexican foods & salsas, Middle Eastern & Indian, Asian & Southeast Asian, and African recipes - all vegetarian.

Vegetarian Recipes Around The World - 100s of vegetarian recipes from around the World. African, Latin American/Caribbean, Mexican & Tex-Mex, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino, Greek, Middle Eastern, European, Russian. Indian/South Asian and Western vegetarian recipes. From the International Vegetarian Union.

Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes - Excellent selection of Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from The Vegetarian Resource Group.

Vietnamese Recipes 1 - 96 Vietnamese recipes from Recipe Source.

Vietnamese Recipes 2 - 68 Vietnamese Recipes.  From Recipe Zaar.

Vietnamese Recipes 3 - Dozens of recipes.  3 typical Vietnamese meals. Advice on Vietnamese cooking.  From

World Recipes - 100s of recipes from dozens of countries all around the World.  African, South American, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Latin American & US recipes.


Cooking Techniques -

About - Food & cooking terms glossary, ingredient substitutions, liquid measure conversion, US/metric measurement converter, fahrenheit/celsius converter.

BBC - The BBC's food glossary.

CD Kitchen - Kitchen how to's, tips & hints, common ingredient substitutions.

Cook's Thesaurus - A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

Culinary Cafe - Cooking techniques glossary, listed alphabetically.

Epicurious - 1001 cooking tips from great cooks.

The Reluctant Gourmet - Learn the cooking techniques the pros use:  Braising, grilling, roasting, stir fry, deglace, pan roasting, saute and mise en place.  Never be intimidated by a fancy recipe again! Various cooking tips.




Mixology (Bartending): Must be 21 to enter these sites

Bar Bug - 2400 recipes. You can also enter the ingredients you have on hand, and it will tell you what drinks you can make from them.

Bar Drinks - 100s of recipes.  Alphabetical, or enter a word or phrase and get matching drinks.

Drink Boy - 100s of recipes.  Articles on stocking a proper home bar. Brief descriptions of the different Liquors.

Wine - Coming soon!  Our guide to buying, serving and tasting wine.  Tasting notes, matching wine & food, and more.  Check it out.



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