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Find your favorite Seattle radio station web sites.  Many have daily schedules, e-mail updates and contests. Below that, you will find Internet streaming audio sites.

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Seattle AM Radio Stations     (SA) = Streaming Audio

KBLE   1050 AM - "Sacred Heart Radio" - Roman Catholic talk radio.

KCIS   630 AM (SA) - "Your Christian Inspiration Station".  Focus On The Family with Dr. James Dobson.

KENU   1330 AM (SA) - "The Pulse". "The Northwest's Underground Music Source".  Electronic dance music.

KGNW   820 AM - "Seattle's Christian Talk".  Dan Seaborn.  John MacArthur. Live, archived, and Español ministries.

KIRO   710 AM - Talk radio, news.  Dave Ross, Dori Monson, Mike Webb, Lou Pate, Tony Ventrella.  Money Talk with Bob Brinker.  Gardening with Ciscoe.

KIXI   880 AM - "Great Songs, Great Memories". Golden Oldies music.

KJR   950 AM (SA) - Sports talk radio.  UW Huskies & Sonics games.

KKDZ   1250 AM - Radio Disney: Children's radio.

KKMO   1360 AM - Radio Sol.  Seattle's only radio station with Spanish programming 24 hours a day, provides a combination of music from Central and South America, Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean, as well as news, sports, entertainment, concerts, community events and information for the Hispanic community.

KKNW   1150 AM (SA) - Alternative talk radio.  CNN Headline News.  Community programming. Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey and UW Women's BasketballMartha Norwalk's Animal WorldSound of Hope - Chinese news & entertainment (Sun. 9-10pm) - English siteRadio Wisla - Polish programming. Sounds of the Pacific IslandsCop Talk Radio.  Scandinavian Hour.  Donna Seebo - psychic counselor.  Contact with Marge Cuddeback - medium/psychic.  Star Talkers - Astrology.  The Space Show - Outer space commerce & tourism.

KLFE   1590 AM - "Life at 1590". Christian and foreign language programming: Russian, Arabic, Ethiopian, Samoan, Ukrainian & Samali.

KOL   1300 AM - "The Source". Inspirational talk radio.  Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dave Ramsey, Hugh Hewitt & Paddy Narayan: Seattle's first Minority Conservative radio talk show host.

KOMO   1000 AM - Talk radio. Consumer advocate Herb Weisbaum: Consumer Tip Of The Day, Paul Harvey, Ken SchramMariners games.

KRIZ   1420 AM (SA) - Oldies music.

KTFH   1680 AM - "The Bridge". International programming.

KTTH   770 AM - "You Deserve The Truth". Talk radio.  Mike Siegel, Rush Limbaugh,
Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson,
Bill Bennett, Jim Cramer (Investing), Kim Komando (Computers), Bob Pittman (Legal advice).

KVI   570 AM (SA) - "More Stimulating Talk". Talk radio.  Fox News. Kirby Wilbur,
John Carlson, Sean Hannity, Larry Elder, Tony Snow, Paul HarveyDrudge Report.
Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell & George Noory.

KPTK   1090 AM – Liberal talk radio. Website coming soon.

KYIZ   1620 AM (SA) - Hip Hop, R&B, and Urban music.

KZIZ   1560 AM (SA) - Gospel music.

CFUN   1410 AM (SA) - Not a Seattle station, it's in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but you can actually pick up their signal at night.  They also have Streaming Audio. Talk radio.  Dr. Laura, Dr. Joy Browne, Coast To Coast AM.

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Seattle FM Radio Stations
    (SA) = Streaming Audio

KBSG   97.3 FM - "Good Times.  Great Oldies".  Oldies music.

KCMS   105.3 FM (SA) - "Seattle's Family Friendly Radio Station". Christian music.

KEXP (formerly KCMU )  90.3 FM (SA) - "Where The Music Matters". UW student run radio. Live and archived streaming music. An innovative, eclectic mix of alternative rock, hip hop, electronic, roots & blues, world & reggae, jazz, and more.

KGRG   89.9 FM (SA) - Today's Rock.  Local music, Punk, Progressive, Alternative Rock, Underground Hip-Hip.

KING   98.1 FM (SA) - Classical music. Live streaming audio.

KISS   106.1 FM - "#1 For All The Hits". Rock music.

KISW   99.9 FM - Popular rock. Howard Stern.  The KISW Rock Girls.

KJR   95.7 FM (SA) - "SuperHits of the 60s & 70s".

KLSY   92.5 FM - "The Best MIX Of The 80s, 90s & Now!" Contemporary popular music.

KMPS   94.1 FM - Seattle's #1 country music station. Ichabod Caine.

KMTT   103.7 FM - "The Mountain".  Adult alternative music.

KNDD   107.7 FM - "The End". Alternative rock.  Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew.

KPLU   88.5 FM (SA) - "NPR News And All That Jazz".  "World Class Jazz". Live streaming audio.

KPLZ   101.5 FM - "STAR 101.5".  Today's hits. Kent & Alan.

KQBZ   100.7 FM - "The BUZZ".  Talk radio. Robin & MaynardBJ Shea, Phil HendrieTom Leykis (Live Streaming), Kim KomandoRhona At NightShaken Not Stirred.

KRWM   106.9 FM - "Warm 106.9".  Soft favorites.

KSER   90.7 FM (SA) - Not heard in Seattle, as the station is in Everett, but their terrific Eclectic World Music can be heard on Streaming Audio. Worth a listen.

KUBE   93.3 FM - "Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station". Hit music. T-ManNighttime Playaz.

KUOW   94.9 FM (SA) - "Puget Sound Public Radio".  NPR programming.  Morning Edition. All Things Considered. A Prairie Home Companion.  Live streaming audio. Streaming Archives.

KWJZ   98.9 FM - "Smooth Jazz".

KYPT   96.5 FM - "The Point". The 80s & more.

KZOK   102.5 FM - "Seattle's Only Classic Rock Station".

   More stations with VIP Membership

Internet Radio - Streaming audio feeds from around the USA and the World.  Talk radio, news, music

911 Truth Radio - Internet streaming radio with an alternative explanation for 9-11.

All Songs Considered - NPR's radio show. Archived shows, songs, and interviews with the artists.

American Indian Radio On Satellite - Live streaming Native American radio. Archived programs.

Australia - 9 live streaming stations from Australian Broadcasting Co.

BBC Radio London - Live streaming and archived shows.

Beethoven - Streaming Classical Music, 24/7.

Belltown (Seattle) Underground Radio - "Eclectic Music From A Parallel Universe".  Showcasing the great array of musical talent that can be found on the Internet, Belltown Underground Radio thinks music should be about discovery and not a meal being fed to us by some corporate hound. A very eclectic station.

Brisbane's 4BC - Talk 1116: Brisbane, Australia's only talk radio station.

British Radio - Broadland 102.4 FM from Norfolk England.  Popular teen music.

Bruce Williams - Listen to Bruce Williams live on KFNN radio, Phoenix, Arizona from 10pm to Midnight - Mountain Time zone.

CBC Radio 1 - Live streaming audio from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  If you get a pop-up saying there's a problem, click OK, then click PLAY.

Clark Howard - Consumer advocate - talk radio show.  Heard live, Monday - Friday, at 1-4pm EST. Clark's website.

Classic KING - Listen live to KING 98.1 FM, Seattle's 24/7/365 Classic radio station.

Classical KBPS - KBPS Classical 89.9 FM is Portland Oregon's only local, all-classical radio. Hear it live online.

Cuba Radio & TV - Several streaming radio and TV stations to choose from.

Dhool - One of the most comprehensive online collections of Tamil film songs from all eras.

Digital Club Network - DCN is the Live Music Source, recording and webcasting performances every night from some of the best clubs and concert halls in the world. Thousands of performances, all for free.

Don Imus - Returns to the airwaves Dec. 3, 2007. Listen live to Imus In The Morning from 6-10am EST at 77WABC radio, New York.  Live Streaming.

Donald Trump - Listen live to Trumped!, The Donald's new weekday radio show from 6:30 to 7am EST on WTNT radio, Silver Spring, Maryland.  Trumped! website.

Dutch Radio - 3 dozen streaming Internet radio stations from the Netherlands.

Financial News Radio - Business, money and financial talk at KFNN radio. Phoenix, Arizona. (Mountain Time zone) Ray Lucia, Bill O'Reilly, Jim Cramers' Real Money Talk, Moe Ansari, Bruce Williams.

Hawaiian Music - Music from the Islands featuring DJ Aloha Joe.  Aloha Radio Network.

Harvey, Paul - Listen to Paul Harvey's daily "News & Comment" and "The Rest Of The Story" in Streaming Audio from 620 KTAR, Phoenix, AZ.  (See site for schedule) Or visit Paul Harvey's site for 1 weeks worth of archived "News & Comment". Good day!

Imus, Don - Returns to the airwaves Dec. 3, 2007. Listen live to Imus In The Morning from 6-10am EST at 77WABC radio, New York.  Live Streaming.

Isla Grande - Several streaming radio channels from Cuba.

Jim Bohannon - Listen live to Jim Bohannon from 10pm to 1am EST at WTNT radio, Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Island - Smooth Jazz on the Internet.  Requires high-speed connection.

Latina Stereo - Live streaming Salsa music from Medellín, Columbia. Music will start immediately when you enter site.

LaunchCast - Streaming audio from Yahoo. Genres include:  Alternative, Blues, Classic, Country, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Urban, and everything in between.

Laura Ingraham - Listen live to Laura Ingraham from 9am to 12pm EST at WTNT radio, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Leykis, Tom - Listen live to Tom Leykis from 4 to 7pm PST on KSFN radio, Las Vegas, Nevada - Spike Radio For Men.

Loveline - Listen live to Loveline with Dr. Drew & Adam Carolla from 10pm to Midnight PST on KSFN radio, Las Vegas, Nevada - Spike Radio For Men.

Out In America Radio Network - Gay & Lesbian streaming Internet radio.

OverXposure - A listener supported, Seattle-based Internet radio station with listenership in almost 50 countries. The currently showcased format, "FrostByte Groove Lounge", is a 24/7 webcast of "chillout" music featuring artists from around the World.

Paul Harvey - Listen to Paul Harvey's daily "News & Comment" and "The Rest Of The Story" in Streaming Audio from 620 KTAR, Phoenix, AZ.  (See site for schedule) Or visit Paul Harvey's site for 1 weeks worth of archived "News & Comment". Good day!

Pet Fish Talk - Live call-in radio show heard Weds 1-3pm PST. Guest fish & aquarium experts.  Past show archive.

Radio @ Netscape Plus - After you download their player, you can tune into more than 175 stations, including music, news, sports and local radio.

Radio of India - Streaming audio in Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bhajans and BollyWood.

Radio Locator - The most comprehensive radio station search engine on the Internet, with over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Radio Margaritaville - Chill out Parrotheads with Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville.

Salsa 98.3 FM - Salsa, merengue and other music, live from Miami.

Shakthi FM - Live streaming radio from Sri Lanka.

Singapore - MediaCorp: 14 different Internet radio stations to choose from. Music and news in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.

Southern Ute Tribal Radio - Listen live, courtesy of KSUT FM, Colorado. Archived programs.  Ute word of the week.

Tamil - Live streaming radio from the Canadian Thamil Broadcasting Corp.

Tom Leykis - Listen live to Tom Leykis from 4 to 7pm PST on KSFN radio, Las Vegas, Nevada - Spike Radio For Men.

Tropicana Estereo - Live streaming radio from Bogotá, Columbia.

Vatican Radio - The voice of the Pope.

Village Voice Radio - Eclectic & World music.

Web Talk Guys - Get the inside view of the Internet on this Streaming Media talk radio show from expert co-hosts who work everyday in the industry. Each show features Internet Industry CEO's and new media executive interviews, website tips and listener call-in comments and questions.  Extensive past show archives.



ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio operators website. News, information & support for this exciting hobby.

Northwest Broadcasters - Up-to-date news snippets about NW broadcasters (NW Washington State & SW British Columbia, Canada), plus station listings.



Radio & Records - Check the latest Arbitron ratings.



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