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Weed & Feed - This will not only help build a strong, deep root system for your lawn, which will allow your grass to fare better during dry spells, requiring less water, but will also kill off the root systems of weeds, so that your lawn will not only look better in between mowings, but will require less work during subsequent mowings, keeping your lawn care costs down.




Lawn Aeration - The soil under your lawn slowly gets compacted into a tough concrete-like surface, which is difficult for grass roots and beneficial soil-worms to break through.  Aerating the soil not only loosens the soil, allowing the roots to dig deeper, for a healthier, more resilient lawn, requiring less water, but also allows soil-worms to do their job, which is digesting the soil and producing beneficial by-products.  It also helps rotate the soil, bringing newer soil, dirt & organics deeper, toward the grass roots, and depleted soil to the surface.




Soil Tilling - Not recommended for lawns, except when totally re-doing them - but soil tilling is great for gardens! If you add new organic material (compost, etc.), then till the soil, it will get the new organic material deep into the soil, for it's greatest impact on your flowers, shrubs and vegetables.




Add Organics - Eventually, your lawn or plants will deplete the natural organics in your soil. Adding new organic material (compost, etc.) - in conjunction with tilling or aerating, will help rebuild a healthy root system for all plants, ensuring healthy lawns and gardens.  Organics, besides adding nutrients to your soil, also helps soil retain moisture, so less watering is needed.




Winter Lawn Prep - In the Winter, your lawn will become dormant. Your lawn does not die during this time, it just doesn't grow much until the following Spring - but it still needs to be fed. This is the time to use a time-released fertilizer, which will keep it nourished and healthy through the cold, dark months, and remain healthy until the following year.

















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Call: (206) 355-8817
Cell: (206) 830-0265

Cheng's Lawn Mowing
& Gardening Service


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